Legends 4ed Ravenloft

Session 2- November 30th 2010

[09:13:57] (49029) Legend: Ok, here is a little recap
[09:14:05] (49029) Legend:
Damien, Dreadscar, Inetor, Mortikai, Xador, and Xusecer found themselves suddenly standing along a muddy road in a dark forest, having been carried away by a mysterious mist.
How could this happen, who did this, and why?

[09:14:05] (49029) Legend:
As the group regains their bearing’s and get to know the others who have seemingly experienced the same fate, a carriage draws near; In the carriage ride Bogdan and Dr Rudolf Van Richten. After a brief discussion and a small argument about whether to destroy the werecat-thing, the group moves forward and Dreadscar learns that he may not be welcomed warmly here.

[09:14:35] (49040) Calchexas: (( ok. i’ll be back in a little while. ))
[09:14:39] (49043) Mortikai: ((stupid autofill sheet won’t let me switch my Dex for Con for AC lol…I have 17 ac))
[09:15:09] (49040) Calchexas: (( like i mentioned, about 20-30 mins ))
[09:15:44] (49040) Calchexas: Disconnecting from server…
[09:15:44] (49040) Calchexas (exit): 09:15
[09:16:43] (49029) Legend:
The party pressed on toward the village of Barovia. On their way they came across the burned out husk of a farmhouse. The bodies of a family lie among the ruins. A weeping man there claimed to be Brissell, a farmer and father and husband to the dead.

[09:16:43] (49029) Legend:
As Brissell tried to convince the group to take out his vengeance upon the Vistani that he claims have done this, Bogdan sees through his guise. Meanwhile, the Dr. is reeled in by his own hatred for the gypsy Vistani.

[09:17:50] (49029) Legend:
Once Brissell was revealed to be Vistani himself, his cloak morphed into batwings as he vanished from sight.
Who is this man, and why is he trying to get others to murder his own people? The party decided to investigate further after they have reached the village.

[09:19:58] (49029) Legend: fin’
[09:20:57] * (49043) Mortikai stretched slightly as he found himself in a new village after escorting the carriage with Dreadscar to his right. “Well now…I can already smell the delicious foods awaiting me. Thankfully I’m sure there will be a bar wench or two that would make fine after-meal delights indeed.” He chuckled lightly as he stepped away from the carriage once it passed the gates. *
[09:22:08] (49029) Legend: Ok, hold on a tic
[09:22:18] (49029) Legend:
As you travel down the muddy road, the village of Barovia comes into view. It is a quant village, with wooden homes and a few stone buildings. Most of the buidings have one story, but some have two. The tallest building is a church. A slight mist hangs in the air.

[09:22:45] (49029) Legend: You can just see the villiage in the distance.
[09:23:21] (49043) Mortikai: ((omit part of passing village gates…but I will step away from the side of the carriage just a bit to fan out a bit.))
[09:25:28] * (49032) Dreadscar walks beside the carriage with cloak still upon his head and marvels the beauty. *
[09:25:57] (49029) Legend: Hold on for a reveal…
[09:26:26] (49043) Mortikai: ((oh sorry you said Fin before I didn’t realize you had more to reveal.
[09:26:36] (49043) Mortikai: ((just shoot another Fin out there when you’re done XD))
[09:27:04] (49029) Legend: (( Whisp inc
[09:27:23] whispering to Mortikai, You notice some one moving in on the party from the woods
[09:28:15] (49050) Calchexas (enter): 09:28
[09:28:20] (49029) Legend: WB
[09:28:42] * (49043) Mortikai lifts a hand. “Halt the carriage…we’ve got movement in the treeline my fellow warriors. Stay alert.” Mortikai then yells out towards the trees. “Show yourself…or defend yourself against Kord’s Will!” *
[09:28:43] whispering to Calchexas, You notice someone sneaking up on the party from the woods
[09:29:51] (49029) Legend: (( Do you guys have descriptions to send?))
[09:30:23] (49043) Mortikai: ((Hmm…I could quick create one…1 minute plz.))
[09:33:51] * (49032) Dreadscar goes to grab his axe if battle breaks out. *
[09:34:14] (49029) Legend: One more time for Cal…inc box
[09:34:23] (49029) Legend:
As you travel down the muddy road, the village of Barovia comes into view. It is a quant village, with wooden homes and a few stone buildings. Most of the buidings have one story, but some have two. The tallest building is a church. A slight mist hangs in the air.

[09:34:53] (49029) Legend: Since then, the party has been alerted to someone skulking in the woods, who has been called out by Mortikai
[09:38:38] (49049) John Rix: (sorry guys trying to get a feel for ya but nones put out a description yet)
[09:39:04] (49029) Legend: Mort: Stands 7’4" from the ground. With a deep earth tone, it looks like he was created from fresh overturned dirt. Upon his back is a well kept Falshion fastened by a leather strap which sits across his chest right to left. He is clothed in Hide armor and has hair past shoulder length sandy colored. His eyes if they can be seen, are a rich grey like a storm cloud.
[09:41:33] * (49032) Dreadscar is 6’5". 240 pounds, if you look upon him he looks like a lion and he is muscular and a flaming sword can be seen emblazoned on his scale armor and he has a great axe at his back. *
[09:41:35] (49049) GOD has sent you a tree node…
[09:42:20] * (49032) Dreadscar rushes into the forest as he can sense where the person is. “follow me I got his location” *
[09:43:11] (49029) Legend: Roll init
[09:43:28] (49032) Dreadscar: [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[09:43:45] (49036) Xusecer: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
[09:44:33] (49029) Legend: The mysterious figure goes first
[09:44:53] (49043) Mortikai: [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
[09:44:57] * (49049) John Rix fading out of the mist you see *
[09:45:18] (49050) Damien: Init:[1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
[09:45:25] * (49032) Dreadscar sees the man appear and is wary of him. *
[09:45:52] (49043) Mortikai: ((Can’t call out just yet as it isn’t his turn XD))
[09:47:12] (49049) John Rix: anyone seeing my descripotion go through
[09:47:23] (49043) Mortikai: ((No unfortunately))
[09:47:31] (49049) John Rix: Description John Rix: Kinda small for a human black hair eyes are covered with this strange cloth it’s kinda black but theres a shimmer to it
has a hand crossbow at his side in hand loaded and a rapier at his side sheathed balanced by a crossbow quiver wearing realy dark almsot pure black leather armor
[09:47:38] (49049) John Rix: how about that time
[09:48:24] (49049) John Rix: Kinda small for a human black hair eyes are covered with this strange cloth it’s kinda black but theres a shimmer to it
[09:48:34] (49049) John Rix:
has a hand crossbow at his side in hand loaded and a rapier at his side sheathed balanced by a crossbow quiver wearing realy dark almsot pure black leather armor
[09:49:06] (49049) John Rix: ((you all see that))
[09:49:12] (49043) Mortikai: ((yea twice lol))
[09:49:15] (49032) Dreadscar: ((yes))
[09:49:24] (49036) Xusecer: ((yes))
[09:49:41] (49049) John Rix: ((damb fussy nodes))
[09:49:51] (49050) Damien: (( yep ))
[09:51:02] (49050) Damien: (( hehe ))
[09:51:03] (49029) Legend: Mort
[09:52:50] * (49043) Mortikai keeps his weapon sheathed for a moment as he keeps near the carriage for possible ambush. “Bring him here…unharmed Dreadscar…unless he resists.” Mortikai then would cross his arms and await to see if the individual brings harm towards those going to find him. “Do not readily harm him unless he shows intent to harm you.” *
[09:53:38] (49043) Mortikai: ((I want to take a look around the other side of the carriage to see if there’s anyone else hiding about.
[09:53:59] (49029) Legend: ((If it makes it easier we can get on skype
[09:54:04] (49049) John Rix: “touching me a bad idea”
[09:54:11] (49029) Legend: perception
[09:54:24] (49043) Mortikai: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
[09:55:06] (49032) Dreadscar: ((skype might be easier))
[09:55:25] (49029) Legend: david.morris606
[09:55:32] (49049) John Rix: (come join us tom)
[09:55:46] (49032) Dreadscar: ((im on skype))
[09:55:50] (49043) Mortikai: ((I don’t do skype…no mic…atleast not a wired one.))
[09:56:15] (49029) Legend: its ok just to listen
[09:57:51] (49050) Damien: (( not with my network. it would be hell even attempting it here ))
[09:58:14] (49049) John Rix: ((thats cool we cna type))
[09:58:20] (49029) Legend: (( No worries, we will still be typing ))
[09:58:49] * (49032) Dreadscar walks up to the mysterious man and tries to disarm him and subdue him. *
[10:00:17] (49029) Legend: As Dreadscar goes to grab the stranger, the mysterious figure defends himself…
[10:00:24] * (49043) Mortikai looks around and then suddenly draws his blade. “….He’s not the only one out there…but I don’t think it’s his company either…all of you get back…wolves may be among us soon.” *
[10:00:25] (49049) John Rix: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18) [1d6] => 3 = (3)(sorry guys he is forcing this )
[10:00:42] (49043) Mortikai: ((no problem…I said…unharmed…he didn’t listen lol))
[10:01:08] (49049) John Rix: and you still see me
[10:02:49] (49055) Calchexas (enter): 10:02
[10:03:00] (49029) Legend: (( any can roll perception to confirm the goliath’s statement
[10:03:02] * (49032) Dreadscar looks up to see what else could possibly be coming. *
[10:03:09] (49049) John Rix: “see theres worst things in the mist than little old me”
[10:03:11] (49032) Dreadscar: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[10:04:49] (49032) Dreadscar: " Good day Human I am sorry for suhc force upon you, I am Dreadscar of the Longtooth’s, Tempus bless you on this day, I did not mean harm."
[10:04:55] (49032) Dreadscar: ((such))
[10:05:05] (49055) Damien: (( what did i miss? DCed right after “(49049) John Rix: and you still see me” ))
[10:06:19] (49049) John Rix: “first it’s night time” retreives his bolt from the large humanoid “second the wolves are coming” as he ripps it out
[10:06:23] (49029) Legend: (( there are wolves in the wforest calling to each other ))
[10:06:51] (49047) Hevnen (enter): 10:06
[10:07:45] (49029) Legend: (( welcome ))
[10:08:13] (49029) Legend: The wolves can be heard in the distance, but do not tseem to be getting any nearer
[10:09:20] (49049) John Rix: “I think we eather make for town or form a hunting party”
[10:09:32] (49047) Hevnen: ((thanks))
[10:09:50] *
(49043) Mortikai re-attaches his Falshion and waves his hand in a Bring it in! Fashion. “Either way, we should keep moving while the wolves are still weighing their options.” *
[10:09:53] *
(49029) Dr Ruolph Van Richten from his seat in the carriage "If you are done playing games out there, I say we press forward.: *
[10:10:00] (49029) Dr Ruolph Van Richten: “The village isnt far”
[10:10:10] (49055) Damien: “Gentlemen, I believe it might be warrented to keep moving on our way.”
[10:10:34] *
(49032) Dreadscar returns to the carriage and is ready to enter the city. **
[10:10:43] (49036) Xusecer: “yes this seems like a good idea, since we have any idea how many wolves are out there”
[10:10:43] (49029) Legend:
As you come down and around a hill, you see a woman standing in the road. You draw nearer and can see that she is staring off into the woods; gargoyles would envy her stillness. Her dress is muddy and in tatters. It may have once been an elegant dress, but whatever it was, it scarcely qualifies as rags now.

[10:11:30] (49032) Dreadscar: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[10:11:55] (49049) John Rix: preception[1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
[10:12:24] (49055) Damien: (( the following is to the party only ))
[10:12:25] (49055) Damien: Description: Damien is a human-looking male wearing loose-fitting robes. He is of moderate height and seems to have a very lean build.
[10:13:28] (49049) John Rix: stealth [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
[10:13:52] * (49049) John Rix fades into the mist *
[10:14:13] * (49043) Mortikai rubs his chin. “First a wayward farmer…now a random wayward woman.” He knocks on the carriage door." We need you diplomatic skills again there sir." *
[10:14:42] (49055) Damien: Perception:[1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
[10:14:45] * (49032) Dreadscar moves slowly behind rogue. *
[10:15:11] (49029) Bogdan: "Lets move up and then I can speak with her.
[10:15:29] * (49032) Dreadscar moves slowly towards the women with head down. *
[10:15:50] (49029) Bogdan: The group moves forward towards the woman… As you approach she does not seem to react.
[10:16:02] (49029) Legend: The group moves forward towards the woman… As you approach she does not seem to react.
[10:16:11] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49049) GOD
[10:16:15] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49049) GOD
[10:16:18] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49043) Mortikai…
[10:16:21] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49036) Xusecer…
[10:16:24] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49032) Dreadscar…
[10:16:26] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49055) Calchexas…
[10:16:30] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49047) Hevnen…
[10:16:37] (49050) Calchexas (exit): 10:16
[10:16:39] * (49043) Mortikai whistles. “Dread…step back…allow Bogdan to approach her. We don’t need ignorance to have her spiral into madness.” *
[10:16:50] (49049) John Rix: preception[1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
[10:16:58] * (49032) Dreadscar steps back a bit and stands next to mortikai. *
[10:17:19] (49043) Mortikai: ((John…seriously…can you atleast state what you’re perceiving instead of throwing D20s out there?))
[10:17:49] (49029) Legend: (( he is being sneaky atm ))
[10:17:59] (49043) Mortikai: ((oh well that’s different XD))
[10:18:36] (49029) DM: The woman happens to be staring off towards the wolves howling
[10:18:53] * (49043) Mortikai guides the carriage towards the woman. Once within 15 ft he signals the driver to stop. “Bogdan…come speak with her. We’ll be on guard.” *
[10:19:02] * (49029) Bogdan aproaches the woman and speaks to her *
[10:19:26] (49055) Damien: (( where is he pulling the 20s from? he’s rolled at least 3 nat 20s so far ))
[10:19:30] (49029) DM: Most of you cannot understand what he is saying to her
[10:19:34] * (49049) John Rix fades in from the mist infront of the group she is "shis from the village she may be under a spell or somthing be carful and fades back into the mist *
[10:19:43] (49049) John Rix: stealth [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)
[10:20:17] (49043) Mortikai: ((Lady Lucks giving him love today Damien…no need to be jealous XD))
[10:20:20] (49029) Bogdan: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20)
[10:20:54] * (49029) Bogdan shakes the woman a bit as she does not seem to be responsive *
[10:21:40] * (49032) Dreadscar removes his hood and stares at her in his beastly visage. *
[10:22:27] (49029) DM: The woman seems to come out of here paralyzed state, though she does not seem to react to Dreadscar’s appearance as she is still a bit dazed
[10:23:11] (49058) Ink (enter): 10:23
[10:23:16] (49058) Ink (exit): 10:23
[10:23:37] * (49032) Dreadscar puts the hood back on. before she could see his appearance. *
[10:23:39] * (49055) Damien watches around the carriage for any other threats (Passive Perception 17) *
[10:23:59] (49029) DM: No other threats are seen atm
[10:24:27] (49029) DM: She speaks back to Bogdan, she seems scared and upset
[10:25:24] (49029) Bogdan: "She was attacked by some wild looking men who had wolves with them. Her family was taken off into the woods, but she escaped.
[10:27:32] * (49043) Mortikai nodded slowly. “Wild wolves is one thing. But trained animals are a different story.” Mortikai rubbed the back of his head. “Well we could bring her back to the village right now and we can get out of this bleak environment, or head out into the darkened forest and try to rescue what could already be dead or eaten.” *
[10:27:47] (49055) Damien: “From the looks of her, she barely escaped.”
[10:28:10] (49036) Xusecer: “doesn’t sound a little fishy, how the rest was taken except her.”
[10:28:12] whispering to Calchexas, Mortikai, GOD, (GW): The woman wears an amulet. It is a platinum amulet shaped like the sun, with a large crystal embedded in it’s center. Around the crystal are inscribed symbols.
[10:28:28] (49036) Xusecer: “how she mange to escape.”
[10:28:58] (49029) Magdalin: “blah blah blah”
[10:29:17] (49029) Bogdan: She does not know how she escaped
[10:30:20] (49036) Xusecer: ((i would like to do an insight check on the woman))
[10:30:29] (49036) Xusecer: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[10:30:51] (49029) DM: (( She seems to be telling the truth ))
[10:31:10] * (49043) Mortikai lifted his hand and started to approach the woman. “Calm down…all of you…this here.” Mortikai slowly reached towards the woman. “I mean you no harm…but this amulet you are wearing…has something possibly to do with it.” *
[10:31:35] (49049) John Rix: religeon [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[10:31:41] (49029) DM: The woman wears an amulet. It is a platinum amulet shaped like the sun, with a large crystal embedded in it’s center. Around the crystal are inscribed symbols.
[10:32:02] (49029) DM: (( arcna or religion to recognize the symbols
[10:32:05] (49032) Dreadscar: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
[10:32:26] (49043) Mortikai: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17) Religion
[10:33:00] (49036) Xusecer: [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23)
[10:33:03] (49036) Xusecer: arcana
[10:33:08] (49043) Mortikai: ((Dread you have to declare which skill you’re doing >.>))
[10:33:15] (49043) Mortikai: ((you can’t just roll a D20 bro))
[10:33:21] (49032) Dreadscar: religion
[10:33:32] (49029) DM: (( They are symbols of light and truth ))
[10:33:59] (49061) Calchexas (enter): 10:33
[10:34:10] (49029) DM: (( some of them are hearing what I am having you roll before I get it typed, you are getting all the same info though ))
[10:34:15] (49061) Damien: (( stupid internet ))
[10:36:01] (49047) Hevnen: Disconnecting from server…
[10:36:02] (49047) Hevnen (exit): 10:36
[10:36:59] (49029) Magdalin: “blah blah blah blah”
[10:37:02] (49061) Damien: (( what are we rolling for? ))
[10:37:19] * (49043) Mortikai slowly lets go of the amulet to let it fall gently back onto the woman. “I’m not familiar with her deity, however her amulet represents that of goodness. Light and Truth.” He then looked out towards the woods. “If there is a chance we can rescue her family, time is of the essence. Night befalls us soon and we still are unaware of what this place holds for us once the sun goes down…excuse me?” *
[10:37:45] * (49043) Mortikai actually looked perplexed for a moment. *
[10:38:05] (49049) John Rix: (mort it is night time)
[10:38:08] (49029) Bogdan: “She is begging us to help her family, at least to bury them if they are dead.”
[10:38:29] (49049) John Rix: “we can try that in the morning”
[10:38:54] (49032) Dreadscar: " I agree that we try it in the morning*
[10:39:38] * (49029) Bogdan ecplains to her that you all will try in the morning" *
[10:39:49] * (49043) Mortikai nods his head. "It it settled then…we shall return in the daybreak to rescue or lay to rest her family. FOr now tell her to enter the carriage. *
[10:39:59] (49061) Damien: “It seems best that we learn about this place before we go travelling much more at night. Lets get some rest first.”
[10:40:48] * (49029) Magdalin enters the carriage with Bogdans help *
[10:41:26] (49043) Mortikai: (Nature roll to help Identify the environment’s possible nocturnal creatures?))
[10:42:20] (49029) Magdalin: (( go ahead
[10:42:27] (49043) Mortikai: [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24) Nature Roll
[10:42:43] (49061) Damien: (( nice roll ))
[10:43:14] (49049) John Rix: (ya wolves are nocturnal)
[10:43:22] (49043) Mortikai: ((besides…wolves))
[10:43:47] (49029) Magdalin: ((animals/nocturnal or otherwise: wolves seem to dominate the area. There are some herd animals about and plenty of ravens ))
[10:44:40] (49029) Magdalin: (( The vllage is about 3 or 4 minutes away
[10:44:52] (49049) John Rix: “so lets get to the village get magdalen some care and then see about rescuing her family or burying them in the daylight”
[10:45:09] * (49061) Damien continues watching for threats as we travel the rest of the way to the village. *
[10:45:33] (49029) DM: You enter the village, the streets are empty and there are very few lights
[10:46:01] (49029) DM: Some of you notice a person or two peaking out the window at you as you travel down the street to the inn
[10:46:01] * (49043) Mortikai looks about and shakes his head. “It’ll more than likely be a burial I’m afraid…if those who took her family didn’t kill them…the night animals will eat well tonight.” *
[10:47:09] (49029) DM: When you aproch the inn door, John leads the way as he is familiar with this location
[10:47:48] * (49043) Mortikai bends down to enter the tavern. “Still gotta get used to these small doors.” *
[10:48:41] (49029) DM: A peep hole slides open and a gruff man peeks through demanding to know who is there.
[10:49:18] (49029) DM: He allows you to enter when he sees John
[10:49:37] * (49032) Dreadscar enters the inn. *
[10:49:45] * (49061) Damien follows the group into the inn. *
[10:49:51] (49029) Bob, the bartender: "Welcome…Strange friends you have
[10:50:04] (49049) John Rix: "bob these floks need a place to crash and magdalins family has been attacked
[10:50:16] * (49043) Mortikai lowers his head down…yet again. “Seriously. Just once…I’d like to walk into a place where I feel I don’t have to crawl.” He snickered to himself slightly as he came in last. *
[10:50:22] (49032) Dreadscar: " good evening good sir"
[10:50:24] (49049) John Rix: can you send somone for a cleric or medic and set these popel up with a room"
[10:50:35] (49029) Bob, the bartender: (( Only John, Bogdan, magdalin, and the Dr can unbderstand the bartender))
[10:51:17] (49061) Damien: (( so only one PC at this point. what fun. ))
[10:51:29] (49029) DM: After some discussion, Bob agrees to lend you the basement
[10:51:46] * (49043) Mortikai blinks slightly. “More of this moonspeak…” He then looked down towards Dreadscar. “Looks like it’s gonna be a tad difficult to get myself a soft busom to match my sheets and pillow tonight.” He chuckled. *
[10:51:48] (49029) DM: (( Yeah, need to grab a rosetta stone for Bovarian…))
[10:52:17] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (49061) Calchexas…
[10:52:32] (49061) Damien: (( smart ass that knows about Rosetta Stone, huh ))
[10:52:35] (49049) John Rix: "your hight might have somthing to do with that as well "
[10:53:11] * (49032) Dreadscar *laughs “It will be very hard for us, you made of rock and I a Beast, we would scare them off.” *
[10:54:58] (49043) Mortikai: “Oh well…” He sighed lightly. “I’m not…ok so I am slighty made of rock..but what woman doesn’t love a man that’s hard all the time?”
[10:55:08] *
(49061) Damien looks over towards the were. “I wouldn’t be concerned with that right now. For now all we need is rest to prepare for whatever tomorrow will bring.” *
[10:55:19] *
(49049) John Rix after a little while hands you each an alpha translater *
[10:55:58] *
(49043) Mortikai shrugs. “I haven’t done much so far…I have some energy to burn.” He snickered. “Fine fine…anyway…what is this?” *
[10:56:09] (49029) DM: This document will be a good start to learning the local lnaguage
[10:57:18] *
(49043) Mortikai blinks slightly. “Well…then…here allow me to try and make my first translation.” He scans the translator for a moment. He then looks to the innkeeper. “Blan….katie…Blandkite!” *
[10:57:20] (49049) John Rix: “this is the alphebet for your language to this one I was born of fayrune but was brought here as a child so I am giving you the building blocks for this language”
[10:57:55] (49043) Mortikai: ((THANK YOU! you know…foreigner…))
[10:58:25] (49061) Damien: “Thank you. May I be able to repay you in time.”
[10:58:41] (49049) John Rix: (for them that might have missed it I have been swithcing languages )
[10:58:55] *
(49032) Dreadscar * slumps in the corner* *
[10:59:13] (49061) Damien: "Where shall we be staying tonight, John??+
[10:59:25] *
(49029) Dr Ruolph Van Richten tends to Magdalins wounds *
[10:59:35] (49049) John Rix: “bob can we get them a large room if one is avalable”
[11:00:31] *
(49032) Dreadscar grabs some Armoral and polishes his Scale Armor *
[11:00:45] (49029) Bob, the bartender: “The basement is the biggest I’ve got, and I dont want your circus scaring people away”
[11:01:10] *
(49043) Mortikai looks around in the basement, waiting for his blanket. “Well Kord…I shall not best the beast with two backs this fair evening. I shall do my best the next evening.” *
[11:01:21] (49043) Mortikai: ((yea..lets cut the goliath…NO!))
[11:01:41] (49043) Mortikai: ((That’s like trying to disguise The Thing from Fantastic Four.))
[11:01:51] *
(49029) Bob, the bartender leaves for some blankets *
[11:02:03] (49061) Damien: (( lmao ))
[11:02:05] (49029) Bob, the bartender: "Anyhting else you need? as he begins to leave
[11:02:07] (49043) Mortikai: ((Sure lets turn the giant into a huge walking coatrack >.>))
[11:03:01] (49049) John Rix: “Mortikai no drinking the barrels down here dry”
[11:03:13] (49061) Damien: (( Damien hangs his coat on Mortikai ))
[11:03:17] *
(49043) Mortikai snickers with a slight bit of humor. Speaking Faerunian once again. “Perhaps I should yell in Giant…We could sleep inside the tavern house area instead.” He grinned micheviously. *
[11:03:31] *
(49032) Dreadscar * grabs the keg and drinks it alone* *
[11:03:47] (49055) Calchexas (exit): 11:03
[11:04:06] *
(49061) Damien grabs a corner and begins his nightly meditations. *
[11:04:14] (49029) DM: Dreadscar drinks himself into oblivion….
[11:04:18] (49043) Mortikai: ((Most kegs are only 4-500 pounds))
[11:04:47] (49043) Mortikai: ((wait…I could drink from a keg XD__
[11:04:55] (49049) John Rix: “thios world is strange to you as you are to it people fear what they do not know”
[11:05:53] (49049) John Rix: “if you show yourselves to pople especialy the cat , mortikai, and the dark skinned elf. you will scare the pople”
[11:05:54] *
(49043) Mortikai sits down and finds a large keg. “Well…To Kord! A test of sobriety it is!!!” He then cheers in Giant and takes…a gulp…then another…and then…yes…another gulp of fine ale straight from the keg. *
[11:06:49] (49043) Mortikai: ((Yea…lets leave a scared village woman…around a drunk horndog of a Goliath.))
[11:06:56] (49049) John Rix: “if you are foolish as well as scare them they might try and kill you so keep your wits and try and shrink your presences”
[11:07:21] (49029) DM: the Dr, Bogdan, Inetor, and Xador take there leave. The Dr escorts magdalin
[11:08:08] *
(49043) Mortikai blinking slightly he put the keg down with a loud thunk. “Yeeeaaa…noothing shhhrinks ab..ab…about me there um..” He paused for a moment. “Wusss your name there stranger?” *
[11:08:11] *
(49029) Bob, the bartender comes in with some blankets a platter of food. *
[11:08:16] (49032) Dreadscar: " hey you dumb pile of rocks over here."
[11:08:35] *
(49049) John Rix lights a lantern and removes his cloth eyemask revealing steel blue eyes *
[11:08:49] *
(49043) Mortikai blinks. “…You know what I like about you there Dreadscar…you’d make a find cloak.” *
[11:09:25] *
(49032) Dreadscar * tries to get up and stumbles and falls over* *
[11:09:46] (49032) Dreadscar: " I want women, where are the women?"
[11:09:53] *
(49049) John Rix yells" now what did I say about being stupid stop it" *
[11:11:01] *
(49061) Damien continues his meditations, tuning out the loud, obnoxious individuals. *
[11:11:15] *
(49043) Mortikai shakes his head and then…just stares at John for a moment. “…Oh don’t be a…non party pooper. We’re in a basement for fucksakes.” He paused and leaned against the cold concrete wall. “Have some food.” He then made sure to yell in his…infantile Bovarian. “Spank…ju ery mulch.” *
[11:12:00] *
(49032) Dreadscar * lets out a large burp* *
[11:12:15] (49043) Mortikai: ((pfft I’m a sexy tattoed statue))
[11:12:57] *
(49032) Dreadscar scratches his butt *
[11:15:03] *
(49043) Mortikai grabs a blanket and settles into his large corner. “Until the morning…” He then closed his eyes, and pausing to open one eye, he crossed his arms and slowly lulled himself into a snoring slumber. *
[11:16:09] *
(49032) Dreadscar falls asleep *
[11:16:13] (49043) Mortikai: ((really it totally did))
[11:16:54] *
(49061) Damien finishes his meditations an hour after he starts them, grabs a small bite to eat, then lays down on a blanket for the rest of the night. *
[11:17:15] (49029) DM: The halfling lays down near the goliath trying to get a sense of his height
[11:17:50] *
(49043) Mortikai just snores….loudly. *
[11:17:57] *
(49036) Xusecer falls into a trance for the night *
[11:19:30] *
(49049) John Rix gets up and leaves *
[11:19:51] *
(49032) Dreadscar wakes up with a monster hangover *
[11:20:20] (49029) DM: *
Morning Comes**
Through out the night you could here gdogs, or pehaps wolves sniffing around outside
[11:20:42] * (49049) John Rix presents Mortikai with a large black cloth bundle in the morning along with a breakfast being brought down *
[11:21:10] (49043) Mortikai: “…What’s all this? Am I not properly clothed?”
[11:21:19] * (49061) Damien wakes up and begins his morning stretches. *
[11:21:27] * (49043) Mortikai stretched and stood up…just to knock his head against the celing and swear in Giant. *
[11:21:40] (49049) John Rix: “this cloak is large enough to hide your looks so as not to scare pople from more than your size”
[11:22:50] (49043) Mortikai: “…Very well then.” Mortikai wrapped himself in the cloak and grabbed breakfast." I’m gonna go find a chair upstairs." Mortikai makes his way towards the stairs.
[11:23:23] (49049) John Rix: “breakfast has been brught down to you”
[11:23:34] (49043) Mortikai: ((According to John…they won’t fear him for his skin now…never said nothing about him…generally."
[11:23:51] whispering to Mortikai, GOD, (GW): There is a partialy concealed door in the basement
[11:23:52] * (49061) Damien finishes his stretches after 15 mins, then grabs a bite to eat. *
[11:24:08] * (49043) Mortikai pauses as he goes up the stairs. *
[11:24:22] (49043) Mortikai: “…Whoa….what’s that over there?!”
[11:24:46] * (49032) Dreadscar *follows Mortakai *
[11:25:24] *
(49043) Mortikai then travels back down the stairs and looks towards a…half-way covered door. “Shhh….what’s over here?” *
[11:25:40] *
(49049) John Rix followes them relucktantly up the stairs hopeing they don;t give anyone a scare that puts one in the ground" *
[11:26:54] (49029) DM: You see a door
[11:26:59] (49061) Damien: “What are you yelling about?”
[11:27:02] (49049) John Rix: “I think thats jsut a door to the outside so they cna get berrels in and out”
[11:27:28] (49043) Mortikai: “Well I guess this is how we’ll make our exit now isn’t it?” Mortikai then will proceed to open the door.
[11:27:42] (49049) John Rix: “good exit for us to avoid the folks up stairs”
[11:28:45] (49029) DM: The door opens to a ramp that leads outside
[11:29:03] (49032) Dreadscar: Disconnecting from server…
[11:29:03] (49032) Dreadscar (exit): 11:29
[11:29:31] (49029) DM: *dreadscar takes his leave, I will run his character if there is combat
[11:29:56] *
(49061) Damien finishes eating and follows the giant, were, and John out the door they discovered. **
[11:30:09] (49029) DM: (( We have about a half hour left. Would you like to press on, or call it until next week?))
[11:30:36] (49043) Mortikai: ((No sense in getting into combat…we can hold till next week if everyone’s game.))
[11:30:47] (49061) Damien: (( either option is fine with me. ))
[11:30:52] (49049) John Rix: (( ok by me))
[11:30:59] (49036) Xusecer: ((yeah i agree))
[11:31:12] (49029) DM: (( that would work best, no way we will get through a fight. Plus there is the vistani to investigate. You could go either way))
[11:31:22] (49049) John Rix: (( option for you guys later on today I am looking to run a d20 modern game for them that can)
[11:32:04] (49029) DM: ((ok, we will call it there. See you guys next week. I will be lurking here if you have any questions or concerns))



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